Wildnis Konzerte by Antye Greie (AGF)

working on images, documentation, sound and video recordings right now, soon here

Whenever I am in nature alone, I feel truth. Whatever truth means. I am curious, how it feels to connect wild nature with digital technology, which is part of my form of expression. I want to play digital music concerts in wild nature and record the result with highest quality possible. I was thinking, a solely experience of that quality reveals the truth about anything. Dear reader, use your fantasy to imagine any situation or thing in the middle of the woods or anywhere where humans do not dominate the surrounding. The relationship between digital society and wild nature is the core interest of this project. How do they coexist, communicate and interact. This work is a research of digital music performance, composition and installation in wild nature to be broadcasted in real time to a global audience via web interface.

Thanks to FON Festival, Grizedale Arts and Octopus (Glenn and Fern!) first testings in the woods of the Lake District/ UK

with 12 radios and a radio FM transmitter we distribute sound in the woods, battery powered (idea by Andrew Deakin)

Listening !

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Protecting gear and electricity powered devices...

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